Photo Credit : 1st Impressions

Photo Credit : 1st Impressions



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We are excited to be bring you a sale designated to the barrel racing industry. With a strict entry criteria we hope to gain the attention of the best breeders, trainers, competitors and enthusiasts.

On October 27, 2018 at the Calnash Ag Event Centre in Ponoka Alberta, The Cloverleaf Sale will sell barrel horses of all ages including weanlings and breeding stock. With a consignment fee of $250 plus gst ($262.50) the commission is 7% paid to our sale management company, Prairie Auctions Ltd and we have a reserve  price commission that is easy on the pocket if by chance you pass your horse out with a maximum reserve commission of $250. So in saying that if you put a $10,000 reserve and you pass your horse out you won't be charged the 7% = $700 you only pay the maximum $250. Our sale consignment deadline is September 1, 2018.

We will hold a demonstration of sale horses Saturday morning at 12 noon. Horses will have 3 minutes of arena time, in which they will be asked to make a barrel run of their ability and using the rest of your demonstration time to ride in the arena on or off of the pattern. (Horses undersaddle but not on the pattern will still have 3 minutes of arena demonstration time) Lead Line horses (horses not being rode) such and weanlings for example will have a round pen set up in the warm up arena to be used at any time but will not be demonstrated in the main arena. Also these Lead Line horses will have a round pen set up at sale time to allow spectators to watch the horse move out.

The Cloverleaf Sale will commence with Auctioneer Miles Wowk.


Thank you for taking the time to read about The Cloverleaf Sale, for more information please feel free to contact me.

Katie Vinson


2018 SALE CATALOGUE (Please Click On The Link)


By creating the Sale Incentive Program it makes us proud to reach out and personally invite you to consider the Stallion Sealed Bid Auction by bidding on your favorite stallion from our limited Roster. With a maximum of 30 Stallions we are greatful to have such an elite roster. The Cloverleaf Sale Incentive is lined out as the following;

Stallion Owners pay a $150 consignment fee with 100% of the winning sealed bid money being paid back to the Stallion Owner! Yes that’s right, Stallion Owners will receive 100% of the funds their stallion service brings.

In return for purchasing a stallion service, the Mare Owner’s resulting foal becomes eligible to enroll in the Sale Incentive Program. Mare Owners pay a $600 Enrollment fee, 50% ($300) due September 1st of their weanling year, the other 50% ($300) is due September 1st of their 3 year-old- year. Then as 5 year-olds, these horses are qualified to run 
Friday night at The Cloverleaf Sale Incentive Race.  All eligible horses must be 5 yrs old.(This is not a futurity race, you may run a 5yr old that has competed as a 4 yr old)

The Sale Incentive fees are as follows:

Stallion Consignment $150 ($100 Payout, $50 Admin Fee)
Resulting Foal Enrollment  $600. ($500 Payout, $100 Admin Fee, the admin fee will be deducted from the first payment.

Payout Example:

30 Stallion Consignments Sold =$4500            ($3000- Race Payout, $1500- Admin Fee)
30 Foal Enrollment Fee (1st Payment) =$9000     ($6000- Race Payout, $3000- Admin Fee)
30 Foal Enrollment Fee (2nd Payment) =$9000     ($9000 – Race Payout)

This creates a resulting possible Payout of $18,000

The Sale Incentive Race Payout:
First Place = 40%       ($7200)
Second Place = 35%      ($6300)
Third Place = 25%       ($4500)



A Classic Guy ~ Frenchmans Guy

Cartels Cowboy ~ Southern Cartel

Cruz On Cash ~ Judge Cash

Dash Made Me Blaze ~Blazin Jetolena 

Debt Eliminator ~ Dash Ta Fame

Dripping Bullets ~ Playgun

Fire Sixes ~ Fire Water Flit

Fix N To ~ Dash Ta Fame

Frenchmans Stoli ~ Stoli

Frenchs Hula Guy ~ Frenchmans Guy

Guys Keepin The Fame ~ Frenchmans Guy

Hezgottabefamous ~ Dash Ta Fame

Hills Super Sixfols ~ Six Fols 

Ima Little Hottie ~ Hot Colours

Jets Honored Bully ~ Bully Bullion

KN Guys Last Fling ~ A Streak Of Fling

LDS Unleashed ~ Dash Ta Fame

Mr Rapadash ~ Eye Take Time

Nicks Royal ~ Fiesta Royal

Nickster ~ As Good As Nick Gets

Ninety Nine Goldmine ~ Strawfly Special

Patron At Six ~ PC Frenchmans Hayday

Red Dirt Roadie ~ Peptoboonsmal

RNJ Heckofafrenchman ~ Frenchmans Guy

Run Bully ~ Bully Bullion

Shu Can Fly ~ Strawfly Special

Sunfrost Cocoa ~ PC Dox Poco Frost

The French Doctor ~ Frenchmans Guy

ZS Fit Ta Fire ~ Zippy Zevi Dasher